God will never judge you, nor punish you. God always stands ready to aid You in achieving your deepest desires.


You Are Always Welcome

Sunday Service @ 11:00am

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Our Vision, Mission and Beliefs

 We are a loving group of Christians, comprised of individuals of many faiths, with tremendous diversity, who believe that Love is an action word, and that it is our responsibility to bring more heaven to earth. Or said another way, that love always overcomes evil, when love acts to.
We desire to be a place where you guide your faith journey, aided by a loving and supportive community, who are not afraid to join together to improve the culture of our society.


Our guest speakers and musical selections,  updated every Sunday.


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We Embrace The Value of Every Religion
No one need ever leave their current faith tradition to join with us.
We Know That God Created Everyone In His Image
So we welcome with love persons of every race,
religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, age,
income level, educational level, etc.

Everyone is Always Welcome.


What is….

The Empowerment Center
We provide meeting space, free of charge, for organizations and individuals providing empowering programming for the community. We call this ministry The Empowerment Center.
We have flexible meeting space and can accommodate groups from 5 to 150. All rooms/spaces contain large windows. When appropriate our sanctuary, which seats 500 can also be utilized.
We have the technology, and the tables and chairs that you would expect to find at a meeting center.


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Weekly Events at The Empowerment Center


Divine Science Principles and Practice Course
A course which teaches the basics of Divine Science, which teaches that GOD is Love and only Love; and that you are one with God. Not a mean, angry God, who wants to judge and punish you; but a loving God who allows you to control your own destiny.
The “You Don’t Have to Read The Book” Book Club
Each week a Member summarizes a book important to them, followed by Questions &  Answers, and Leads a Discussions
An Afternoon with The Ancestors Every 4th Sunday
View a 35-minute movie that has proven to be transformational, in terms of: understanding the African American experience, identifying the blockage affecting racial reconciliation in America, and how America can achieve racial reconciliation. Questions and Answers and a discussion will follow.


The Tribe of Levi… BYOD: Bring your Own Dish, Donations and Dilemma Faith Based Social Service Ministry Meetings 
12-4pm mon-fri
This is a weekly meet up to assess the needs of the community as well as promoting self sufficiency by matching resources, skills and gifts to meet the needs of all people.


6-8 pm
This online class was created for students of all skill levels. Our instructors are the best in the world. The first class is Television Writing taught by Shonda Rhimes: writer and producer of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.


Divine Science Higher Learning Courses
6-7:30 pm
Courses that teach meditation, spiritual psychology, old testament, new testament, and minister training, which teach that GOD is Love and only Love; and that you are one with God. Not a mean, angry God, who wants to judge and punish you; but a loving God who allows you to control your own destiny.


Coffee or Tea & Cookies
12-1 pm
We will serve coffee on cold days and iced tea on warm days, along with the obligatory cookies. A tour of our facility is optional. Let’s fellowship!
Family Night
6-8 pm 
Bring the entire family and enjoy our Kids Room, a PG-rated kids movie, board games for teens and adults, and more—including FREE hot buttered popcorn from our movie theatre kettle.
Conversations with God Study Group
The Conversations with God book series by Neale Donald Walsch has sold 15,000,000 copies worldwide; and has changed its readers understanding of God. Discover why God says, ‘That you have me all wrong.’


Talk About it! Every 3rd Thursday
6-8 pm
Regardless of age, if you have something on your heart you want to share, come and join us for a open mic designed to heal and conquer your fear of public speaking. 


Friday Night Musical Concerts
Every 4th Friday
starting April 26, 2019
7:30-9pm We are certain that ours is the best priced live musical concert in town…because it is FREE. So even if the job fairy hasn’t shown up; grab that friend, loved one, spouse, BFF, BMF, significant other, or yourself—and come enjoy. Wine and Wings are available before or after for a small donation, but the concert starts on time at 8 pm. 

The Empowerment Center is available for rent! Inquire about hosting your next event here in Love!


Presented by The Center for Divine Science
The College of Divine Science provides expert instruction for students interested in inner growth to enrich their spiritual lives, gain an understanding of universal laws and create a much more fulfilling life experience.
Through-out the week, we offer various classes and events that celebrate the divine essence and spiritual expression of our humanity. Please check the calendar for a complete listing of these classes and events.
Our Creed Is Love.  
Our Path is Service.  
Our Goal is not only God Awareness
But that God is Love.



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3617 Wyoming Street, St. Louis, MO 63116


Come grow with us in creating a healing community of love, so we may thrive beyond our wildest dreams.